BAC 光舞 White Dancing

White Dancing

商業空間 / 台北天母

Using the natural materials and light to create the space.




     室內則是⼤大量的以天然⽩白⾊色⼤大理⽯石材為主要材料希望創造光影與⾃自然材質間最貼切的呼應對外迎接客⼈人來到的露台地板是利⽤用柳安角料原來底才直接作為完成⾯面並且不再上化學的染料而是以⽕火烤的碳化⽅方式去做表⾯面處理 達到⿊黑炭⾃自然般的效果

    Showing that “Kitchen of Baking”as the concept, move the kitchen island into the space asthe focus. on the interface of inside and outside, using the contrast with white and black tocreate a visual image such like a white light jewel box shine in the dark.

    Associate the baking move“stirring” as the connection of 1st floor and basement , so usingcaracole to combine two spaces. let people can feel the smooth change of light and shadow when find someone’s way down the stairs.

     Inside the space, using a lot of white marble as major material to make a most suitable response of light, shadow and natural material. Choosing lauan as the floor material for the balcony outside. And carbonizing the lauan instead of painting it to stay natural.