日光綠宅 Light Apartment

Light Apartment

住宅空間 / 台北天母

     Sharing the light-and-nature with all family in the space


      為了機能性和視覺延伸,在客廳與餐廳主牆上設計了許多的線條及長型層板架,層板是活動式的,可以隨使用的需求及喜好,隨意地調動在每一個線條上,所以延伸視覺的線條同時也是活動層板的軌道。由於正常層板陽角對於動線與安全有衝突,所以在所有的層板上導出了30度與60度的斜角, 這個角度的設計增加了空間內的變化性,並且以此角度為地坪線條的走向讓室內增加是覺得延伸感及豐富性。

      Concerning the owners of the apartment, who care about the family activities very much, so using “Family” as the concept to generate the idea. To design the shared area as the connection of living in the space which is only 65 square meters. The main connection  is from the entry to the dining room and kitchen that is also the end of the space. To let family can see each other in thespace, either at the living room watching TV or at the kitchen making delicious meal, they all can share their life to each other. The space is opened and shared.
       All the cabinets are made by Araucoply board, which is the highest level base material of ECO regulation, furthermore, it is more ECO by using the method without adding surface materials or decorated materials to the base. Therefore, it shows the real beauty of the material and real green of ECO.
     For functional and visual extensional design, using a lot of line rail and linear shelves, and those shelves are movable, they can be moved to any place you want in any line rail. In order to create the variety and diversity, cutting 30 and 60 degree angle on the linear shelves and the floor is also array to the angle.
    There is a wonderful advantage of the apartment that is the green nature out of the window. So, using glass wall to reduce the boundary of the architecture, then it can introduce the nature outside into the space. And, the material of the cabinet on the balcony is natural wood, it exactlysuit the nature of outside. The linear visual design of the ceiling and cabinet at the balcony is just like the visual inside.
      For the master room, designed simple and elegant style to avoid the unnecessary decoration that might reduce the space. And coming to the kids’ room, besides the interesting color and decorated stickers, it is put a slide on the bunk bed. So that two beautiful kids can have a great playing time in their own room. The small platform beside the slide provide an area for elders to sit with playing kids. Every design in the space is designed for family interaction.

設   計   者  :  欣琦翊設計有限公司 

參   與   者  :  林真琦 何欣

空 間 性 質 :  居住空間

建 築 本 體  : 公寓

座 落 位 置 :  台北市士林區  天母

基 地 面 積 :  室內19坪、室外4坪

Company   :  C.H.I. Design Reserch Studio 

Designer     :  Lin, Chen-chi  +  Ho, Horace

Function     :  RESIDENTIAL

Structure     :  Apartment renew

Location      :  TAIPEI

Area             :  Interior 65㎡ + Terrace 12㎡