Symbiotic House

住宅設計 / 宜蘭



Design by C.H.I. Design Studio

Photography by Ivan chuang






There’s a old saying of farmers in Taiwan: “one step one footprint”. It tells the move of farming, means to be practical, then you will get abundant harvest.

  This project is located in the center of farm. And the house owner is an advocate of nature. So, we took the spirit of the old saying as the main concept.

   The building wall is made of rice rod and plaster, to fade into the surrounding. Regarding to the main plan of interior, taking a curve to symbolize the footprint, and using the terrazzo floor which is local method of construction, then the connection of interior and locals are created. 


   To bring the surroundings into the interior by using picture windows, to let people can feel the natures of surrounding, such as season change…etc.