商業空間 / 宜蘭蘇澳

Let people not only understand the safety of food-making process but also feel pleasure of it.


Design by C.H.I. Design Studio

Photography by Ivan chuang







This is a sightseeing factory space, which is based on "fish" foods as the main products. 


The design is try to create a space which can let customers experience the process of factory and feel playful and entertainment. Furthermore, the participant can not only understand the food-making process but also feel safe to it.


The idea generation is to imagine the people as "fish" in the sea. Then, the design concept is to take the visiting flow as the "ocean current", and create different themes of the space blocks as continents or islands in the ocean. Each of the space blocks are the different processes of products.


So that people can follow the visiting flows smoothly just like fish following the ocean current, and have interactive with every theme blocks freely to experience the different processes of factory.