Inside Out

商業空間 / 台北大安

本案設計概念是以Inside Out的室內外翻轉為最重要的核心,



Design by C.H.I. Design Studio
Photography by Ivan chuang

本案設計概念是以Inside Out的室內外翻轉為最重要的核心,

材質上以木頭杉板錯落的組構,更創造系統性的孔隙的界面和內外的互動,讓它帶有韻律的層次引進光線與視線互動的美感,結合了溫潤的材質觸感,吧台以帶有水泥抹面粗獷的手工觸感 反饋回應空間的層次.

The key concept of this case is to reverse interior to outer space, on the other word is

“inside out”. Using three elevations to define the area of the space first. Then, penetrating

enclosure is to build the connection with surrounding urban society. Furthermore, by blurring

the interior and outer boundary, and extend the material from inside to outside, to let the

inside strength deliver to outside. The depth of field is considered with visional effect.

Using the material’s feature of fir board to create a systemic gap that correspond the

relation of inside-out. That also can bring the different layer effect of light. The warm of wood

combines the rough of concrete bar table also reflect the layers effect of space.