圓舞 Rounded House

Rounded House

住宅空間 / 台北中山

室內整體 10坪的小空間為空間的限制同時也是整體概念的基礎發想,以圓角作為概念出發 企圖讓生活在其中的居住者,能夠因為圓角的滑潤修飾掉空間原有的狹隘感。


Owing that the interior space is confined to 10 pins, which is considerably small, the key concept of design is derived from curves.





利用挑高的特性加強高層的變化,創造出複層空間中不同視角的經驗, 同時區分而成的私密及公共空間, 並且以垂直的軸線去規劃儲藏機能, 除了利落的線條和大面積的儲物空間 。

櫃體設計成活動式可被收納同時也可當椅子使用,讓即便是小空間也有寬敞而乾淨的動線最後將白色塗抹在整體空間之中,搭配底面黑色 讓視角隨空間流動著… 
材質的選擇上整體空間以白色為主要材料, 以最簡化性的材質減少材質的消耗來達到創意的環保概念。


Design by C.H.I. Design Studio
Photography by Hend Chen





The residents are provided with refreshing experience as they live in a multilayer space. On one hand, the intrinsic narrowness is substantially alleviated by smooth curves, while the variation of height is greatly intensified by its characteristic of high ceiling. On the other hand, in either private or public areas, the storage space is enlarged by vertical axes, whilst its curves are polished. Concerning the cabinets, they can be utilized as chairs or storage space so as to arrange the limited interior space by wide and smooth routes. Lastly, the viewers’ perspectives are constantly mobilized since the interior space is whitewashed and its bottom part is painted in black.
In the Materials, choosing the simplicity with white ones to be the main character, reaching the concept of life-loving people a feeling to nature a feeling in a greem enviornmrntal protection.


Design by C.H.I. Design Studio
Photography by Hend Chen