拾階 Steps


商業空間 / 台北東區




Following your curiosity with the Imaginational shopping

本案原為舊式挑高空間且有區分上下層的住宅型式。在空間的配置上,有鑿於入口處位置約150  公分的級高落差,為能夠吸引來往人客目光,進而登上階梯走入店面瀏覽,於是創造出一個大型的黑色入口以斜度導引的方式,還有利用黑色烤漆玻璃的材質,經由不同視角隨之而生的折射變化,建構視線焦點的交匯。


通過入口處的階梯概念體現至空間內部規劃配置的布局經營,包含層次堆疊的透視牆面、商品呈現的展示櫃體,皆由“階梯”作為主題一以貫之。階梯踏面及鞋品展示櫃體切削出的60  度斜角踢腳收邊,則源起自其品牌名稱及商標識別, 以商標的正三角形各內角角度為發想,呼應品牌理念的同時, 並考量拿取商品時站立的腳邊深度,使顧客與展示櫃體之間有最適宜的觀賞關係,將品牌形象與空間設計規劃相互連結。


It began with curiosity of space playing, picked “step” as the central conception. Besides, using deferent light, traffic flow, and the connection of space to make the shortage of the space into an space of fun.

    This was an old residential space which had high ceiling and interlayer. Regarding the layout, there is a 150cm fall on the entrance so we create a big black stair entrance with light steps as visual focus. Due to it has to catch the attention of people who pass by, and furthermore to let people take the stairs up into the store. We need to construct the confluence of vision and attention, We use the material of black glass as the wall of entrance so that it can be seen deferent refraction following each light step up to the store.

     In this space, there is a narrow path in the middle area, which could make customers stop their steps when shopping in this space. So, we connect the space by changing materials and planning the areas for each shoe brand. It makes each deferent area has their own style but still connect with each other, and feature spotlight creating dramatic feeling when stepping through deferent areas.

     From the entrance to the space inside, all take “steps” as the major concept, including the  perspective wall with layer stacked and display cabinet. there is a 60 degree angle skirt along all the cabinet because of the client’s logo which is regular triangle. One hand we response to the client’s brand, on the other hand, 60 degree as skirting line can make perfect distance for shoppers who want to choose products on the display cabinet. So that successfully connect with client’s image and display design.


       Regarding materials, to reduce consumption of resources by choosing concrete slab with cool gray to penetrate all space. No more decorating materials showing less-is-more and eco-friendly.